Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm Really Coordinated

Because I'm currently not around things I made to start an archive of things already done, I'll start by explaining how I made these scrapes appear like magic!

One Lovely night on campus after an exceptionally boring attempt to make measuring digital signals amusing, I got on my bike to head home. Unfortunately, as I put all my effort into propelling myself and bike forward by putting all my weight entirely on my second pedal, my sandal slipped, and so I just tipped right over! A boy from my class that I only recognized said "are you ok!?" and I got up and said of course, there's nothing wrong except my hip stung. Then as I got back on my bike and into the night I noticed the rest of the scrapes.

Neosporin with pain reliever to the rescue! And it did help a lot!

I'm now recovering very well and have not learned my lesson, as I'm wearing the same sandals and continue to ride my bike today.

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