Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Make Guppy a Wheel!

And does it ever work! If you ever decide to sleep in our apartment, be prepared for this little guy to be running ALLLLLLL night. Yes. Turns out they weren't kidding that hamsters are fairly nocturnal!

Construction time: 1 hr
Construction cost: a small amount of a $1 wooden dowel. ~$0.05


*Disclaimer: This video makes it seem like this wheel is really loud. It isn't.*


  1. Uhmm ACTUALLY!! this wheel is kind of loud and it keeps laura roommate up allll might. haha just kidding i deal with it because I love guppy.
    <3 O

  2. Sometimes Laura's other roommate can even hear Guppy running in her room! She sure loves to run "ALL. NIGHT. LONG. ALL NIGHT! ALL. NIGHT. LONG!" But I love her too :)