Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make Grand's Flakey Pizzas!!!

O M Geee. One day I was SO hungry after an extraordinarily long school day and didn't know what to eat. I saw Grands Flakey Layers in my fridge and decided I could use it as a pizza crust! Well.. instead of putting it into one big ball, prior to cooking, the creation looked like this:

Eight little pizzas! I smushed the Grands to flat-ish pizza crusts. Pasta sauce from the fridge, freshly shredded medium chedder cheese and parmesean as well. Then pepperonis! Oven was 400 and they were in there for 13 minutes!

After trying to get them off, we decided pam would've been an amazing idea but all that happened was that both Ov Gloves got pizza all over them and lost cheese on a couple. Oh well :)

I forced Olivia to cut them up like real pizzas and they were a great success enough to make the blog!!

Thus, Grands Flakey Pizzas were born!

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