Friday, May 23, 2014

Make Handmade Painted Vases

I saw incredible vases like these on Etsy and loved them! Unfortunately for Etsy, I'm too frugal to buy anything off of there and end up making my own versions. Here they are!

  1. Rinse out a bottle after you drink the delicious contents. 
  2. Paint the bottles with a few coats of acrylic paint. (Take your time letting each coat dry or the next one can pick off some of the other layers!)
  3. Next pick a pattern and paint it on there with puffy paint! I did mine freehand and I'd imagine if you were nervous and tried pencil first it might take the paint off. Therefore I encourage you to do it freehand! If you mess up, wipe it off quickly and try again!
  4. Put a finish on. I did a high gloss coat of Mod Podge. Another option would be to use an enamel spray paint. I'm sure there are more ideas out there as well!
That's it! Use different sizes, shapes, color combinations, designs and the possibilities are endless! Have fun!

Construction Time: 2 hours
Construction Cost: A small portion of your paint and mod podge stock! Maybe $.50 per and that's a generous estimate!

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