Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Make Hanging Planters!

Since it's practically spring (FINALLY) in Wisconsin, I thought I'd share the hanging planters I put together last spring! 

Supplies Needed:
Bowls (These are from Dollar Tree!)
Dremel & Carbide tip
Water in a spray bottle or maybe a small cup
Eye Hooks for hanging
Soil, flowers, and all required for planting!

The steps are simple enough. The bowls need some drainage so you'll need to get a hole in the bottom. I only did one per bowl which was plenty for function and turns out the process of putting a hole into the ceramic bowls was more time intensive than popping something through the bottom! 

  1. Setup your dremel, carbide tip, water source and paper towel underneath to collect water and dust/pieces (I've heard diamond tip would've been a great alternative if not preferred, it did eat up my bit doing these 3 holes) 
  2. Drill on through! Make sure you're spraying water pretty frequently to help with the temperature and shrapnel. TAKE YOUR TIME! Don't use a ton of force or the tip will get eaten up and the hole will punch early which can crack the bowl. It took me 5-10 minutes per hole. Dry and brush off when done!
  3. Tie up the strings! MANY types of twine would work. I had this stuff on hand from making rosaries but thinking out loud, other twine, hemp, thin rope, Id imagine even yarn would do the job! The tutorial I used for this step came from here: (another blog)
  4. Plant your plant in the bowl! 
  5. Find where you want to put them. Install an eye hook there! Then hang the twine and place the bowl into it! 
The end :)

Of course water and do it frequently because they're small and won't hold a ton of water. According to my very helpful and neighbors with incredible green thumbs, if you pinch off the "spent" flowers it stimulates growth, who knew! 

Project Cost: $10 (bowls, flowers, soil)
Project Time: About 2 hours

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