Thursday, April 4, 2013

Make Crayon Art!

I kept seeing those melted crayon art things all over Pinterest! You know, the awesome ones where they dripped from the crayons. Then there started to be variations of those; the heart shaped ones and the ones with words on them. But the coolest ones, in my opinion, were the ones where they pushed the color allll over with a hairdryer to be more like tye dye! So I tried it!

It turned out so artsy and fancy and I Love it! 

Directions are simple: tape a few pieces of crayon to a canvas board or whatever you want really and hair dryer that thing all over! It the tape comes free, be careful! The crayon piece can shoot right onto your carpet and that is a PAIN to get out! If you want to smooth it out or add texture, use your finger or an eraser or something to smear it.

Construction time: 15 minutes
Construction cost: $1 for the canvas board from a pack!

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