Thursday, April 4, 2013

Make a Frame for Ultrasound Pictures!

I ended up making this after seeing a few other ideas out there. We had all of these amazing ultrasound pictures and I was worried we'd never have anything to do with them!

I ended up giving this to my husband for Father's Day before our little guy was born! 

Instructions: I found the frame with the 3 matted areas for a few dollars at Michael's. Can't get to the store? There's links to everything you need right here...


The words are white puffy paint on the matte. (Let those dry before assembling):

(Click around to get more if you need it)

Then I got a sheet of blue striped scrapbook paper and cut out the ultrasound shape!

Then, place those and the pictures with tape and that's it! VERY easy and a great way to keep the memories! There's a little note for my husband on the back with the date too.

Construction Time: 1 hr

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