Thursday, September 16, 2010

Make Desks for the Apartment!

This year, no roommates had desks and the apartment didn't come with them furnished!!! AH! So!

*Made this one in my workroom at home. The top is stolen from some unknown furniture source after move-out days. Sanded and attached to scrap wood from my basement! The drawers are from Walmart, $9 a piece! That's that :) 33" high, stool height, future plans= the workbench for my house with Andy <3

Construction time: 3 hrs
Costs: $18

Second version is in the roommates room. No scrap wood so a Home Depot trip was in store! Design improvement: Waterproof top cover! No wood damage baller :D Also slightly shorter (30" high) Less fun part was using the jigsaw in the apartment kitchen to get everything to size! Unlike a combined Meiter saw at home! Even WORSE having to get the semi-functioning apartment vacuum from the office the next morning instead of the fabulous wet-dry shop vac at home! How I miss it so. Made sooooooo many spiders disappear for me...

Construction time: 3 hrs
Materials cost: ~$40

Super easy!

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