Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Make Guppy a play pen!

Guppy and his/her brothers and sisters just had something very exciting happen to them! They are now old enough that Ane and Alexa and roommates had to split them up by sex! Which means......... GUPPY COMES HOME SOON and I can't even wait.

Because I'm so excited (more excited than even the new helmet attachment I'm working on which is going to be baller once parts get here from ebay and Mcmaster-carr) I decided to work more on a circle Guppy can just run and run and run in! The entry-way will get connected to the rest of the cage somehow and badabing!

Construction time: 20 minutes
Construction cost: The tube= $.74 (I know right? I should have bought more....)


  1. LB. I love your blog, and even though I don't live with you, I think that you should still concentrate on your 4.0 klub membership, otherwise it is going to expire in the near future.

  2. MB i did an amazing job on homework and finished all of book 3 today AND blogged but also, i'm not lost in my classes for realz.

    VP of 4 point 0 for ever!

  3. uhmm when is guppy coming home to enjoy his lovely toys??
    your totts going to be his favorite.