Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tv Stand

Hey-O! Part of the LV College Furniture Collection!

*Made from 4 formerly-welded-to-a-thrown-out-by-someone-else-bar-stool legs and a ~16" deep shelf I found in the garage at home (Sorry Dad). Painted with leftover-from-somebody's-dusty-blue-room paint found in my basement. Attached to the bottom board by existing tapped holes and bolts, top attached by nails through from sides. Note the cables-gap in back*

Estimated time to create: 4 hours
Estimated cost: $0.00

Current location: apartment living room. TV on top. VCR, DVD player, X-Box and router on bottom. And, yes the paint chipped during move. And, yes it is One Tree Hill.

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