Saturday, September 18, 2010

Make Key Holder for Apartment and Roommies!

The roommates and I decided we needed a key rack because finding keys on short notice is strait up not fun if you don't know where they are. We had friends with a basic red rack with initials and I figured it wouldn't be hard at all to make one too!

*Notes- It's extra scrap wood from Anelise's custom night stand. 3/4" thick. Hand Cut with a jigsaw in my bathroom when I turned it into a workshop for a couple hours last week. Colored with red crayon (I was tired of waiting for paint...) and four white vinyl coated cup hooks! We are only allowed a couple nail-holes a room so I hot-glued on cut up magnets (Some guy running for Governor, house I don't even know was handing out magnets) and it's on the side of the fridge right by the door*

I'm thinking about upgrading it and adding initials? White puffy paint if it happens.

Construction time: 1hr
Construction cost: $1.25 (hooks and 1/5 a red crayon)

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